Hi, my name is

Alex Stewart

I build things for the web.

  • React
  • Django
  • Next.js
  • TypeScript

About Me

Hello, I'm Alex Stewart and I enjoy solving problems through software. Originally from North Carolina, I moved to Utah to enroll in the University of Utah where I graduated with my Bachelors/Masters in Computer Science.

Having completed school, I've entered the workforce as a software engineer at Lucerna Health where I work with a small team to build rapidly evolving features to improve the healthcare industry.

When I'm not at work, I enjoy hanging out with friends and working on personal projects using different technologies.

Alex Stewart


Lucerna Health

  • React
  • Django
  • PostgresSQL
  • QuickSight
  • Glue

Software Engineer

Jan 2023 - Present

  • Developed system that automatically creates and manages 150+ AWS artifacts when the underlying data is changed, eliminating hours of work for data team.
  • Migrated data transformation job from API server to serverless function, reducing the load on the API server.

Software Engineer Intern

May 2022 - Dec 2022

  • Built a configurable script for populating fake data for a complex product feature that is used to prepare environments for development.
  • Troubleshooted and resolved a large number of API and UI bugs throughout internship.


Twitter Clone

Rebuilding Twitter with Next.js and Tailwind

  • Auth
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Ratelimiting
  • Profiles
  • Posts
Twitter Clone edit profile page
  • Next.js
  • tailwind
  • tRPC
  • prisma
  • zod

Not It

A reddit-Styled Forum Website

  • Auth
  • Communities
  • Posts
  • Comments
  • Voting
Not It Post View
  • SvelteKit
  • Prisma
  • Sass
  • JWT